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• Adjustable Counter-Balanced Converging Press Arms
• Speed Rack Quick Change Rack Adjustments
• Full Half-Rack Versatility with the Benefits of a Fully Adjustable Plate Loaded Unit
• 8-Position Plate Storage
• Custom Colors and Team Logos Available


Champions are not born. They are built through determination, perseverance and a never say quit attitude. The is the same spirit and passion that the Fusion Fitness Designs™ Master Rack™ was designed from. The Master Rack™ is the ultimate strength and conditioning training system. Built into a heavy-duty half rack system are a pair of adjustable converging press arms that allow you to perform all of the exercises the Master Press™ provides. Simply lift the counter weighted press arms up and out of the way and perform all the Olympic bar movements you need to be a champion. In addition to the independent converging press arms the Master Rack™ features the Speed Rack Adjustment System™ for quick effortless rack position adjustments. Don’t settle for ordinary only accept extraordinary from yourself and your equipment!


  • Adjustable counter balanced converging press arms
  • Speed rack quick change rack adjustments
  • Full half rack versatility with the benefits of a fully adjustable plate loaded unit
  • 8-position plate storage
  • Custom colors and team logos available through our customization program


  • Overall product dimensions:
    64"L x 69"W x 96"H

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